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The varied exhibitions provide information about:

  • fascination with nature and technology
  • glaciers, climate and weather
  • the history of the Rudolfshütte - from a small refuge to a mountain hotel.

A great program where you can spend the whole day and take unforgettable impressions home with you!

"Glacier - Climate - Weather"

The “Glacier-Climate-Weather” exhibition, which was set up in cooperation with the Hohe Tauern National Park and the Austrian Federal Railways / ÖBB directly at the Rudolfshütte cable car mountain station next to glaciers, rocks and mountain lakes - in the classic high-alpine region.

At 2,315 m above sea level, visitors can deal with spectacular installations on the topics of glaciers, climate and weather on an area of 285 square meters.
The climate change and the resulting influences on glacier retreat and weather in the region are the core content of this fascinating exhibition.

Right at the mountain station of the cable car - free entry!

The Rudolfshütte - from a small refuge to a mountain hotel ***

This exhibition presents the eventful history of the Rudolfshütte from its first beginnings in 1874 as a small refuge below the Kalser Tauern to today's modern mountain hotel.

In between there are several expansion stages under the previous owners, the necessary relocation of the Rudolfshütte as a result of the construction of the Weißsee dam and finally the takeover and modernization by Dr. Wilfried Holleis from 2004.

The history of the Rudolfshütte thus reflects the development from the early, very limited opportunities for a few people to mountaineering in the 19th century to today's extensive tourist offer in this well-developed high alpine region in the Hohe Tauern.

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Right at the mountain station of the cable car - free entry!