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Rudolfshütte panorama trail

The family-friendly “Panoramaweg” with information boards leads to the “Schafbühel” lookout point, walking time approx. 30 minutes, requirements: easy.

Ödenwinkelkees glacier trail

This high mountain hiking trail leads over the aprons of the Ödenwinkelkees to the tongue of the glacier. In addition to the diverse alpine flora, mountain hikers can admire and study the Ice Age treasure trove. Family-friendly and well secured, walking time: approx. 3 hours

Gletscherweg Sonnblickkees

"Journey to the Arctic" the family-friendly, high-mountain themed trail equipped with information boards leads over the apron of the Sonnblickkees to the terminal moraines of the glacier. In high alpine terrain you can enjoy the surrounding nature and the power of the glaciers. The starting point is the Berghotel Rudolfshütte. Walking time approx. 3 hours, requirements: Demanding hike - high alpine terrain.

Gipfeltour Medelzkopf

From the mountain station of the Rudolfshütte cable car you go to the valley station of the double chair lift and take it to the Medelz mountain station (2,600 m). Via climbing lanes through the block area to the Medelz-Kopf (2,760 m). Imposing panoramic view! Walking time: approx. 1 - 1 1/2 hours.

Kronprinz Rudolf Klettersteig

Gather your first climbing experience in high alpine terrain. After an ascent of approx. 20 minutes you will reach the family-friendly via ferrata above the Weißsee. The steeper passages on the via ferrata were made easily accessible for beginners and (experienced) children with step bars and clamps. Duration: Via ferrata: 50 min. / 120 m ascent (280 m),
Descent: 30 min.